Hospital management system is a online patient management and Appointment , Scheduler application software for getting appointment very easily over internet. This Hospital management system application software is built upon PHP with Codeigniter Framework Hospital can take online patient appointment and patient can take doctor schedule from anywhere of the world.

Admin Panel Demo


Website Demo


Fully Responsive Design

Hospital Management System Theme is designed for based on all platform and all types of Devices in the World.

Online Appointment System

Exclusive Online Appointment System from this system any user can take appointment

User Level-wise Report

You can add , edit and delete the category and place it anywhere of the Theme.It has also Category page.

Easy to customize

At Hospital Management System have easy customization system.

Doctors Time Off Management

A wonderful feature of Hospital Management System is doctor time off management.

Scheduling Management

Scheduling system is a very effective for maintain doctor schedule.this will save time of patient,doctor and hospital

Patients Management

Patient management is a important part of this can easily manage patient all problem from this section.

Bootstrap Based Design

Hospital Management System is designed fully bootstrap based.

Fresh and Clean Code

Fresh and clean code makes a application more management system code is fully fresh and clean.

Modern Website integration

Hospital Management System has Modern Website will save your extra cost of building website

All Browser Support

This system will support all management system is tested by all browser so it will work all browser.

Add Department

Easily admin can add new department of Hospital in this system.

Add Doctor

Add new doctor of your hospital management system easily from this section.

Add Representative

Representative is an important part of hospital so easily from this section admin can add new representative .

Add Patient

In this section add new patient of your hospital.manage all documents of patient from this section

Add Schedule

Add doctor schedule from this section.add new schedule for adding doctor in scheduling system.

Add Appointment

Basically, appointment will take from front end but admin can also easily add appointment from this section.

Account Manager

From this section manage all accounting and financial subject.

Add Account

Add new account under account manager section.add new financial account name from this section

Add Invoice

Add new invoice of transaction from this section.create new invoice from this part.and manage all invoice from this section.

Add Payment

If you want to pay doctor or worker just create a payment from this section.

Debit Report

All debit report will show this section.also you can manage debit report from this section.

Credit Report

All credit report will show this section.also you can manage credit report from this section.

Language Setting

From language setting option you will set your language easily.


Change all website setting from this section.also change application settings from this section.

Appointment Report

Admin can see all appointment report in this section.also manage all appointment report from this section.


Hospital Management System is developed with website system.everyone can easily add website with hospital appointment system

  1. Please extract the file . you will get Documentation and file . Now just upload to your server using cPanel or FTP.
  2. Extract the file
  3. After extracting the file you will get 'Hospital' named folder
  4. Now you just access into the main file folder and then move all folders and files (EX: application, assets,index.php,install , common_file,.htaccess and system folders..) if you want , just one step up to public _html directory. or you can keep that directory. Note : keep in mind about .htaccess..Some times .htaccess cannot copy when you will move the folder from one step to another. Dont worry for that.
  5. Now, Browse your application Installer first step showing the directory and server requirements. If all requirements successfully meet then click on Next button
  6. Folder structure of Installer
  7. Delete the .env file if exists in install/flag/ directory . We added default empty flag...please you check everytime before installing.
  8. Put your application database into sql directory and rename it as install.sql. We already added database folder in this project , so you do not need to do anything for this project .
  9. *Enter your database name, username, password, host name and click on Next button
  10. Just wait 10 seconds to complete the installation process
  11. Installation successfully done…
  12. Now, Click on Click to launch your application button to access application
  13. Here is your Login info :

  14. Please go to your domain name
  15. User name: | Password: 123456 . After login please change your user name and password. Full Documentation are given at Themeforest main purchase files.

Just 1 Minute to install the Hospital and make your desire Hospital Management System.

Modern Website Integration

Develop a Hospital management system with website integration.It will show up your hospital reputation.You can change your website to only appointment system as you want.

SEO Friendly

Hospital is developed based on Search engine. you can add Title, meta keyword, description and our system automatically create meta keyword for every news.

Website Caching System

Caching system will speed up your website. It will help you to safe your server fees and customer satisfactions.





Codeigniter Framework


Full Documentation




Update log txt

In this section we will present the recommended configuration under which the theme would work perfectly. Those are not absolute values, the theme performance depends on many factors like the host performance, server configuration and the number of visitors.

Server requirements

Apache or IIS or Nginx

php.ini memory limit: 40MB (recommended: 64M)

PHP version 5.3 or greater (recommended: PHP 5.4 or greater)

MySQL version 5.0 or greater (recommended: MySQL 5.5 or greater)

Hosting requirements

Hosting actually depend on your Users. You have to calculate how much visitor you are getting every day. If you have more than 10,000 visitor everyday then we will recomend you to Buy a VPS from any reputed hosting company. We Will prefer Bluehost company.Because they are providing very quick service.

Admin Details


password: softmozer